Sunmesa Presents Magic@Dragon Con 2023

Sunmesa Events is proud to offer an extensive roster of Magic: The Gathering events at Dragon Con. 

Events include: Convention League, Drafts, Mystery Booster + March of the Machine Sealed, Dungeons and Dragons Sealed, Lord of The Rings Drafts and Sealed, plus many other events.

Sunmesa Events and Dragon Con highlight Magic’s hottest format: Commander!

With a dedicated Command Zone, players can get their battleship Magic fix all weekend long. Constructed, Sealed, Draft, 2-Headed Giant, Emperor, 1V1 – whatever flavor of Commander you want. The Command Zone is where you’ll find it! Players can get a devoted play space plus a host of specialty items included with our Command Zone Package.

All Weekend Events

  • MTG On Demand Drafts during all open hours of the Gaming Hall
  • League play: Pay once, Play all weekend
  • Command Zone

Daily Scheduled Events – Thursday through Monday

  • Events including: 2HG Sealed, 4 Pack Sealed, Team Trios Box Sealed, Retro Prereleases (RePre) with packs across Magic’s history
  • Sealed Commander: 4 Player Pods and Grand Melee

Check out all the currently scheduled events here: Dragoncon Events

Plus check back regularly for more updates and additions.