Magic: the Gathering at Dragon Con 2022

Sunmesa Events is excited to extend our 12+ year partnership with Dragon Con to present an extensive roster of Magic: The Gathering events including: 24 hour League and Eight Player Drafts, Innistrad Duo Sealed, Alara Block Draft, Commander Legends Battle for Baldur’s Gate, Mystery Draft and Sealed plus many other formats. Drafts on Demand during all open hours of the Gaming Hall each day.

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Sunmesa Events and Dragon Con highlight Magic’s hottest format: Commander!

With a dedicated Command Zone, players can get their battleship Magic fix all weekend long. Constructed, Sealed, Draft, 2-Headed Giant, Emperor, 1V1, Oathbreaker – whatever flavor of Commander you want.

For a $40 entry fee Command Zone players get expanded access, great swag and awesome perks including:

The 2022 Dragon Con Playmat

Access to the Command Zone with reserved play for participating commander players only
Ultra Pro 100 count Deck Box and Sleeves
CGC Trading Cards Dragon Con exclusive Commander Tray
1 Path of Ancestry Promo Card

Finally a $15 voucher for play in any MTG event during the show
All items are while supplies last. Vouchers are nontransferable

Not a commander player? We got you covered also.

All Weekend
MTG Quick Launch Drafts
League play, pay once, play all weekend
Booster Box Sealed (yes make a 40 card deck with 36 boosts)

Scheduled Events include:
MTG Sealed including 2HG, 4 Pack Sealed, Trio Box Sealed, RePre with packs across MTG’s history
Sealed Commander w/ Preconstructed Decks included: Pods and Grand Melee
Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate Sealed and Draft

Get all the details here:

Complete Schedule for 2022 Magic: The Gathering at Dragon Con

Complete Events Descriptions