The Ixalan Prerelease

Ixalan is one fantastic set PLUS it’s also our 75th Prerelease. That means we’re giving away a ton of extra’s this time.

Read all about the details and extra’s below, but we do expect to sell out. If you would like to reserve a seat please stop by Active Imagination Family and Arena or call 505 720 8249 to save your seat. You don’t want to miss this one!



Join us at Active Imagination Family and Arena for a very special celebration.

The Ixalan Prerelease will be our 75th prerelease we’ve hosted over the years. As you can imagine we’re throwing one heck of a party. Thanks to our sponsors Max Protection, Legion Events we have a pirate’s horde of giveaways. Check out the list below.

We usually give free sleeves? Well this time it’s Free Sleeves -100 of them, Plus Deckbox, Plus Perfect Fit Sleeves. Yes, every player will get 100 regular sleeves, 100 perfect fit sleeves and a deckbox, all just for playing.

Pre Registration: Due to our expectation of a complete sell out we are offering Pre Registration. Stop by Active Imagination to sign up in person or call/text 505 720 8249 to sign up by phone. You will not need to pay until you play but we do want to reserve you a slot.

Active Imagination Family and Arena
11200 Montgomery Blvd NE, Suite 8

**Sept. 23th and 24th, 2017**

**Schedule of Events**

**Midnight Friday: Individual 4-round event ($30)**

**9 AM Saturday: Individual 4-round event ($30)**

**2 PM Saturday: Individual 4-round event ($30)**

**5 PM Saturday: 2-Headed Giant ($60 per team, or $30 per person)**

**7 PM Saturday: Individual 3-round event “Peoples Flight” All players get 2 boosters as prizes (must play at least one round) ($30)**

**NOON Sunday: Individual 4-round event “Peoples Flight” All players get 2 boosters as prizes (must play at least one round) ($30)**


All weekend (as supplies last): Open Dueling get 1 random Planeswalker Deck and duel any 5 players to receive one Prerelease booster.

The Prerelease Packs

6 Ixalan Booster Packs
1 Special Date Stamped Promo Foil Card
1 Specially Designed Box
1 Spindown Life Counter / Die
1 Special Divider

Each pack will also includes “prerelease promo” foil rare card that you can play with!


Want to Discover Your Treasure? Our door prizes are nuts check em out!

**Door prizes and giveaways:**

  • 3 Grand Prix Albuquerque Water Bottles
  • 1 Scott McGough’s Book 1 of The Time Spiral Cycle “Time Spiral”
  • 1 Scott McGough & John Delaney’s Book 2 of the Time Spiral Cycle “Furture Sight”
  • 1 Panda Game Manufacturing Deck Box (this item was given as a sample and as far we know never mass produced)
  • 1 Ultra Pro Zippered Case, plastic compartments
  • 1 MTG Grand Prix Padded Deck Box
  • 1 Display of 200 Ultra Pro Rigid Sleeve Card Holders
  • 1 Rigid Metal Wow Deck Case
  • 6 San Diego Comic Con 2017 Alternate Art Planeswalkers. (One will be drawn at random for each flight)
  • 1 “Beast Brew” Bottle of Jones Cane Soda with Garruck Image
  • 1 Flexible Cover Trade Binder by Deck Saver
  • 1 Ultra Pro Fleixble Cover “Pro-Binder”
  • 1 8.5″x6″ Serra Angel Print by Douglas Shuler
  • 1 Oversized 9″x6.5″ Shivan Dragon Promo Card
  • 1 Oversized 9″x6.5″ Black Lotus Promo Card
  • 4 Gerrard Vanguard Cards (See Hanna)
  • 4 Hanna Vanguard Cards (because… you know true love)
  • 5 Mirrodin Beseiged 500 Count Reversible Deck Boxes
  • 30 Black Monster Prism Shaped Playmat Tubes With Blank White Playmats
  • 2 Vault Dragon Hide Gold Provided by Legion Supplies
  • 2 Vault Dragon Hide Blue Provided by Legion Supplies
  • 10 Horde Dragon Hide Boxes Provided by Legion Supplies
  • 10 “Lunch Box Style” Tin Deck Cases Provided by Legion Supplies
  • 3 3×4 Binders Dragon Skin Provided by Legion Supplies
  • 3 LifeCalc 2 oz. Life Calculators Provided by Legion Supplies
  • 1 Dragon Skin Trade Binder Provided by Legion Supplies