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Tab2 Swag Tag! Free Foil! Free Custom Long Box! at Rise of The Eldrazi Prereleases

Once again we will be offering a limited number of Specialty promo items at our Rise of Eldrazi Prerelease Tournaments. Read on if you'd like to find out how to get one of these FREE just by playing in two tournaments. In addition Everyone will get a promo foil while supplies last




Tab1 Come Meet Rob Alexander and Cedric Phillps at the LA Regional Prerelease Cedric Phillips is no stranger to top flight Magic play. The often hilarious Phillips recently scored a Top 16 finish at GP Oakland  and before that a Top 8 at PT Kyoto.
Rob Alexander has been illustrating Magic Cards since the beginning of the game. He's a kind, generous artist with a style unique in the field. With over 135 cards including the "Very First Hot Lands" you will not want to miss your chance to meet Rob.
Tab1 Hunny I went to US Nats and Got You a Cup!

The Path to US Nationals and then to Magic Worlds begins in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Albuquerque. Bring your standard deck and compete against the best each community has to offer.







Tab2 Find out how you can play for FREE at National Qualifers and PTQ's

Sunmesa Events is pushing the envelope once again! Announcing our Tune Up Tournament Series. Tune Up Tournaments are your way to earn FREE entry into our PTQ's. Just find a Tune Up Tournament from one of our participating organizers and you're on your way to winning an invite FREE.





Tab3 Land on Free Parking AND Free Play, $10 Side Events & Win a FREE ROE Box

Sunmesa Events Announces a Host of Promotions For Northern California National Qualifier Players.







Tab3 Want a FREE Thank You Booster?

Check out the Sunmesa Events brand new Facebook page. It's got the events, the photos and the fun Sunmesa Events brings to your Magic Community. And we would want to thank you for playing in one of our events, like  the Sunmesa Events Facebook page and get a FREE Booster. click for more details!






Tab1 John Shannon Takes on West Point

John Shannon is a level 3 judge who has made his mark in every one of our communities. He's coached, DQ'd, Ruled, Played, Organized but most of all Laughed with almost all of us.

After 5 years as a key part of our communities he's "leveled up" and will be teaching Physics at West Point.

We celebrated his time with us recently at the PTQ in Albuquerque and thought we would share just s few images of him, his plaque and his lovely family.

Good Luck John, come back soon, meanwhile Via Con Dios!


Channel Fireball is having a drawing for Three Magic 2011 Fat Packs just for signing up for their mailing list at the LAX Regional Prerelease. No purchase is needed. Sign up and you're in!








Tab3 Sun Titan

Magic 2011 introduces a cycle of Titans, get a head start on the White Version just by playing in an Individual Flight ($30 6 M11 Boosters) or Two Headed Giant ($40 per team 8 Boosters) or Open Dueling ($15 Random Theme Deck). While Supplies Last.







Tab1 Play Against Aaron Forsythe at the LA Regional Prerelease

Aaron Forsythe- Lead Designer of Magic 2011 is going to be at the Los Angeles Regional Prerelease. Aaron's play, design & writing credits are nothing short of amazing. Play against Aaron in our gunslinging arena and if you win he'll spot you a FREE M11 booster! Learn more about Aaron and his role in Magic: the Gathering's history and future.