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Regional Pro Tour Qualifier for Pro Tour Magic Origins
The New Mexico Regional Pro Tour Qualifier
The New Mexico Regional Pro Tour Qualifier

Get There!


You got the Invite now is the time to cash it out.


Four Players will earn Pro Tour invites at one of the first Regional PTQs ever. Make your move and take it down.

Active Imagination Family and Arena and Sunmesa Events are proud to present a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier.


This event is an invitation-only event. An invitation to participate in a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier for Pro Tour Vancouver 2015 is offered to the following:



Players who have a Pro Tour Players Club Silver level (as of the date of the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier).



Players who won a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier from December 6, 2014, through February 22, 2015.



Tournament Format:


The structure for Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers is modified Swiss-style. If the tournament is 129 or more players, the Top 8 at the end of Swiss earn invitations and airfare to Pro Tour Vancouver 2015.



If the tournament is 128 or fewer players, then Top 8 players after the Swiss rounds play in a single-elimination playoff match to determine a Top 4.


Standard Format- Decklists are Required.



This Event is FREE to all Qualified players.



All Players will receive a complimentary Foil Liliana of The Veil and Exclusive Deckbox



Place    128 or less           129 or greater
1 - 4       Pro Tour Invite    Pro Tour Invite
5 - 8       54 boosters         Pro Tour Invite
9 - 16      36 boosters        36 boosters
17 - 24    18 boosters        27 boosters
25 - 32    -                        18 boosters




Begins at 9AM Play Play starts at 10AM


For more details visit

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