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10 Suggestions on Preventing Your Stuff From Becoming Their Stuff
10 Suggestions on Preventing Your Stuff From Becoming Their Stuff

The majority of Magic player are honest. They expect Magic events to well regulated and free of the cheating. They want to play and trade in an environment where enough respect is present to avoid a sense of dread about their chances and items. However, there is plenty you can do to protect yourself against attempts to make your stuff someone else’s stuff.

1) Write your name & DCI Number on each and every deck box you own.  We recommend on the inside of the deck box lid. It doesn’t usually rub off there.  (Do it now don’t wait to read the rest of this, taking this one action will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in cards)

2) Make sure all your bags and binders have your name & DCI Number in them. Phone number is good as well if you want to take a chance that a thief might find you with a reverse directory. We don’t recommend putting your address in your bags & binders

3) Place a ICE (In Case of Emergency) number inside your phone. Someone who pretty much knows how to get a hold of you without your cell (since if we have it you clearly do not)

4) If you can afford it always use the same unique sleeves. In my case all my decks are in Fantasy Flight Jamie Lannister steeves. If someone in my area runs across my stuff they almost always know right away that it belongs to me just based on the sleeves.

5) Place a “ringer” in each of your binders and decks. A ringer is something only you would know is in your container. Perhaps it’s a Bella Serra card dividing your deck from the sideboard. Perhaps it’s a pink sleeved Day of Judgment on the 5th page of the binder. Something, anything which only you know is there bag to ID the item quickly.

6) Leave the stuff you don’t need at home

7) Use a password that only you know on your electronics

8) Put accurate information on the Event Registration Form. None of us want spam of any kind. If you don’t want us to contact you we’re fine with that. Check the box and we’ll leave you be. However as soon as we find something of yours we are going to use your Event Registration Form to reach you. That’s the main reason why we require with a phone number or email address.  If you give us bogus data we might be delayed weeks finding you.

9) Once you discover you’re missing something don’t assume it was stolen. Fact is the vast majority of missing items are still where you last left them. Take a deep breath then slowly and carefully review your chronology. Consider each time you used the item and where you were. Did you get distracted by something, did you get emotionally involved somehow in watching a match or discussion.

10) Only share your room or ride with people you know. We once had a customer complain cards were stolen out of a locked car. All we could do was shrug and ask him to speak to his ride partners. Would you loan $500 to a total stranger? If that answer is no, then why are you sleeping in a room where you have thousands of dollars in cards chilling in your backpack?

Do you have more suggestions on how to keep your stuff? We'd love to hear them. Just add a comment to our Facebook page (which you can join from our home page) and we'll add it on here.

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